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Michael in Barrington, RI: The Best Return on our Investment
Our daughter insisted on hiring a DJ for her wedding reception...my wife and I suggested (wanted) a band since we had a band at our wedding in '82. Times have changed; Megan wanted DJ Jon Berube. She heard him at the Venus deMilo (in Somerset/Swansea?) on New Year's Eve a couple of years in a row. A DJ at our daughter's wedding reception... Well, Jon turned out to be a well-spoken, experienced entertainer that made - the - reception. He played appropriate dinner music (requested non- "Kenny G") and he had a fine mix of classier old songs: Tony Bennett, Frank Sinatra, etc. Jon's formal introduction was a blur but my wife and I had pre-planned with him. On the day, he told us what (we had planned) to do.

The dancing part of the reception had the kids up all night. As parents we had one request for the music: No vulgarity. To the best of my knowledge he honored that request.

Kristen in Dartmouth, MA: DJ Jonathan Berube is the BEST!
My husband and I are very in to music and have what some might call very eclectic tastes. Jonathan somehow managed to make it all work!! We threw the most random selection of songs at him and he figured out where and when to play them and it worked out amazing! Our dance floor was full all night and people kept talking about how he made it easy for young and old to enjoy themselves. Everyone really had a great time!

We also had our photo booth and monogram spotlight done through In the Mix Productions, they were awesome with that too. The monogram was fantastic and a very elegant addition to our very formal wedding. The photo booth was great and people really loved it. Great props and the attendant did a fantastic job putting our guest book together. We loved checking out everyone's photos!

Thanks so much DJ Jonathan Berube for helping making our night so much fun!

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